Jah Works Radio 4/12/2020 with Basil Brave Heart

Family, we are blessed to have the Lakota elder and highly inspirational Basil Brave Heart back on the show with an extended reasoning session this week.  Among other topics, he breaks down the current situation in relation to human consciousness and the great paradigm shift from an Indigenous and quantum point of view.  So many jewels dropped – this is a must listen!  We also feature healing musical tones coming in from artists like Waukikuna, Dezarie, Earl Chinna Smith, Barrington Levy, Wiya and AC, Micah Shemaiah, Singer Jah and Ginjah, Monty G, Monty Alexander and Garnett Silk.  Much love, health and strength in this time, family…

Listen here:

Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-4-12-2020/Jah%20Works%20Radio%204-12-2020.mp3

3 Responses to “Jah Works Radio 4/12/2020 with Basil Brave Heart”

  1. Jag Works Radio vibrations needed now more than ever! Thank you D-Ro for yo show every week but especially now. I find myself listening to so much music these days, but needed the upliftment of your program more than I needed. Do your work!

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