Jah Works Radio 12/20/2022 Reasoning Series with Lester Loving

Greetings, family!  We return to our reasoning series – this week featuring the great Lester Loving.  With Ras E (Airik El) on the line, as well, we go in deep and cover many interesting topics, ranging from the recent earthquake in CA to ancient Peruvian science and legends to Sagittarius to the year 2023 coming in soon.  And, as always with Lester, lots of sense of humor mixed in with the science.  Fulljoy this one, family, and we’ll be back on the other side with a music show coming in soon.  One love…

Download here: http://archive.org/download/jah-works-radio-12-20-2022/Jah%20Works%20Radio%2012-20-2022.mp3


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