Jah Works Radio Presents: A reasoning with Lester Loving 10/22/2019


This week we are back with our reasoning series, this time featuring a live interview with the great Lester Loving.  Covering such topics as the use of pyramids, sacred geometry, magnets and crystals, Lester drops more jewels during this extended conversation with D-RO and Ras E from the Ioneyez Studio.  During this entire show, the sounds of Midnite and Akae Beka provide a blissful backdrop and, together with the knowledge of Lester Loving, complete the word sound as power equation.  Although we were unaware that this would be our last radio show while Vaughn Benjamin was still with us on this plane, the Creator sent us a message to play nothing but Vaughn while interviewing Lester.  We give thanks.  R.I.P. Vaughn Benjamin and infinite love and light to the family worldwide…

Listen here:

Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradio102219withlesterloving/Jah%20Works%20Radio%2010-22-19%20with%20Lester%20Loving.mp3

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