Jah Works Radio 11/11/2019 Vaughn Benjamin Akae Beka Tribute

On November 4, 2019 the creation rebel known to the world as Vaughn Benjamin, AKA Akae Beka, transitioned from this world to the next.  Known to the world as the prophetic lead singer of Midnite and, later, Akae Beka, Vaughn was one of the most prolific artists of our time and was undoubtedly the voice of our generation.  Through him came knowledge and inspiration so deep that all those that encountered him or his music were changed forever on a quantum level.  Although we have been deeply saddened by this news, we are upful to know Vaughn has transitioned to the next level of consciousness and will itinue his works from above and, as told to Makeda Dread from the angelic realm, will “make a better place for us”.  Brother Vaughn – know that you have indeed made a better place for us and we are eternally grateful for that.  On this night, 11/11/2019, we humbly step into the Ioneyez Studio to send a tribute out to the ether.  Vibrations echoing out from this time all the way to that time…

Listen here:

Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/jahworksradiovaughnbenjamintribute_201911/Jah%20Works%20Radio%20Vaughn%20Benjamin%20Tribute.mp3


2 Responses to “Jah Works Radio 11/11/2019 Vaughn Benjamin Akae Beka Tribute”

  1. Jonathan Cross Says:

    Blessed selections, beautiful tribute. Great work as always D-RO. Chills throughout, but especially when those Mama Africa vibes come through.

  2. Give thanks, bredren. Long live Akae Beka!

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