D-RO Meets D-Boy Inna New Alliance 7/27/13


On the night of July 27, 2013, after many years of discussing a musical combination, old friends D-RO and D-Boy linked up for a night of BIG selections and pure nice vibes.  This is a no talking, straight mixing session and was done primarily in a two for two style, with a tune fi tune ending.  Enjoy the heavy vibrations, family, and many blessings to you and yours…

Listen here:

Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/D-ROD-ROmeetsD-Boy/DROmeetsDBoy.mp3

2 Responses to “D-RO Meets D-Boy Inna New Alliance 7/27/13”

  1. Jonathan Cross Says:

    So pumped for this! Bless….

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