Jah Works Radio 8/2/13 with Ras E and KGenius

IMG_3069 IMG_3104KGeniuspiano

This week we are joined by our very close friend and original radio partner, Ras E, to vibe the night away with an extra special and upful vibration.  We are also joined by another good friend and reggae artist, KGenius, who lifts up the vibes even more with his acapella and wise words.  We had a lot of fun during this blessed night, so please kick back and enjoy the sweet vibrations – 3 the hard way!

Listen here:

Download here (right click and “save link as” to download): http://archive.org/download/D-ROJahWorksRadio8-2-13withRasEandKGenius/JahWorksRadio8213withRasEandKGenius.mp3

4 Responses to “Jah Works Radio 8/2/13 with Ras E and KGenius”

  1. JAH work Radio is the best in the world, that is how I believe.it make sense

    • Al Solonsky Says:

      I loved the last three tunes of this program. The last one had talking over it, but it was a great instrumental. How do I get the names of thes artists and songs? I’d like to purchase their songs.

      • Yes, brother. The last 3 tracks of this show are: J Boog “So far gone”, Chezidek “One Family” from his album “The Order of Melchezidek” and the last tune is Tuff Lion “Birds of Praise”.

  2. Give thanks, family. It’s wonderful to hear from you with such uplifting words for I & I.
    Blessings itinually…

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