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Through the blessing of the Most High, I&I have been given the inspiration and guidance to produce this podcast and share our love for positive reggae music with the family worldwide.  The goal is to provide an uplifting program that gets you skanking and also provides inspiration to live up to Jah heights and give thanks and praises.  We all have a calling in life to do Jah Works and right now this is what I have been called to do.   I have been involved in reggae radio now for over 9 years – at KBUT in Colorado, Hoopa Tribal Radio in California and now here in Vermont.  Big up to all artists played on the show – please support these hard working people whenever you can.  Roots reggae is the stone that the builder has refused – let it now become the head corner stone.  Also big up to all listeners who truly make doing this show a great joy for me.  The show is broadcast live every Friday night on WIUV 91.3 in Castleton, VT and syndicated on Onyx FM in Calabar, Nigeria, KIDE Hoopa Tribal Radio in California and at www.reggaeworldmusic.com.  The podcast can be found here as well as on Itunes and other podcast providers.

I can always be contacted through e-mail at jahworksradio@gmail.com.

Blessings itinually…


44 Responses to “I & I”

  1. Crucial, crucial works ya doing here. JAH guide and bless every time! Press On!

  2. ini give thanks n appreciate your podcasts always bringing positive vibes… and an uplifting messages… best reggae podcast! by the way im trying to find a song that you played couple of months ago…
    “life is to live, so dont be afraid to die just like you are afraid to live” any idea?
    jah guide n protect I
    jah bless!

  3. KingLemueL Says:

    Ras D-RO, greetings from the last virgin…..Culebra, my bredda keep the fyah blazin boom! Best podcast online rraaaa rraaaa rraaaa!!!
    KingLemueL sai dat!

  4. blazingdreads Says:

    Really and truly bless… You playing music for the soul, each of your podcast are amazing… if people would really listen & practice what roots reggae music is about , the love that it’s share would embrace the world…

  5. big up ras D-RO,am huge fan of your show each every friday thanks and bless.am living kigoma,tanzania….representing jah works radio peace

  6. Massive fan of the show here in Glasgow, Scotland. Keep up the good work.

  7. yeah ras D-RO big up to you & your show all the time..bless…I want to tell you one thing, last month i mean April i met one man called RAS BUPE MKUSHI AKIIKI at Kabanga village,Kasulu district,Kigoma Region; he repatriate from Jamaica back to original land of Africa in late 1977,and now he living in Tanzania.Its great to meet with Ras BUPE because he told me the meaning of the concept “REPATRIATION” he is among few who return back.Back in 1985 he met with the late President Mwalimu J.K.Nyerere and offer him a place to live in Tanzania to start new life.
    In 1992 he started to implementing the project of establishing THE PROMISING LAND. But unfortunately the project fail to achieve its main goal and objectivies due to different reasons.
    But currently RAS BUPE still struggle to implement his ideas about the promising land.
    The aim of this message is to advice you brother D-RO to interview RAS BUPE in your show because he can talk about the concept of Promising Land in the view of field ways due to the fact that he implemented the concept of REPATRIATION. A lot of Messenger (Reggae Artist) talk or sing about it and i aprecite about that.
    This is my opinion like one song of PATO BANTON, I dont talk to Ras Bupe about this one but this is my view and its all about representing Jah Works Radio to the people and community in the whole world.Peace & Love man D-RO
    One last thing, I want to request the greatest songsof all time from the group called WAILING SOUL .
    Once again Peace man.

    From Kigoma,Tanzania.

    • Give thanks, brother. He sounds like a great person to reason with and I’ll be checking into that for sure. By the way, what song from the Wailing Souls are you referring to?
      I wish you strength, guidance and love.
      Jah Ro

  8. If you are interested to talk to Ras BUPE his tellephone number is here: +255783 151 430.

  9. iriemike Says:

    D-RO big up for righteous upfull podcasts. Look forward weekly for inspiration. Praise Jah for your efforts.

  10. This is the very best podcast on itunes, there are a few others, but you are my favorite selector, so keep on with the irie vibes and culture D-RO. One Blood

  11. Standfirm79 Says:

    D-Ro,I travelin alot seeing new countries around the world the las few years…your podcasts go everywhere with me north,south,east,west!! The music u play helped alot of journeys!!Big up and bless

  12. Rasman-E Says:

    Big up to great work being done by brotherman D-RO, I n I give love and respect for the podcast truly the greatest! I truly enjoy the show and look forward to every show. The livication to Nelson Mandela is irie..irie…irie

    Jah guide and Jah bless forever more!


    • Rasman-E,
      Give thanks for your uplifting words – right on time, trust me. We can only achieve our goals as a collective group and I thank you for being part of our One Love family. Thank you again for heading Yah’s call and sending your upful words our way – apprecialoved more than you know.
      Love and Raspect itinually…

  13. Ras-Ta-Piwa Says:

    InI say keep blessing us with this wickedness. For all who wanna chase away bad spirit stop burning essence – play D-RO and all gonna be iree. Seen?

  14. Lenny Trench Says:

    Greetings! I represent Bryan Art one of the most talented and most under rated artist out of jamaica. I would like to send you his latest EP for airing consideration. I will send to the email i see here jahworks@gmail.com. Please confirm receipt. One Love

  15. Regina Locken Says:

    Greetings and Blessings! Check out what’s new with Big Mountain. Spreading the LOVE of REGGAE music from the West Coast to the East Coast and all over the WORLD! JAH BLESS ♡

  16. Greetings king keep up the Irie vibes blessed love shanalyi

  17. Love the vibes one love keeps the vibes flowing King

  18. …bless the I idren, I have just been shocked to hear of the passing of one of our rastafari elders and mentors, ras bupe mkushi of dar, Tanzania, and would like thru ya forum to inform other idrens across the globe – ras kagiso (‘peace’) in botswana

    • Sorry to hear that, bredren. I will make mention of it to inform the family worldwide…rest in peace (and rise in power) to our brother, mentor and now ancestor, Ras Bupe Mkushi of Dar, Tanzania.

  19. Roosevelth E. Torres morales Says:

    Bendiciones !
    Buena vibra !
    muy buenos podcast me encantan. No me canso de oirlas todas, quisiera mandar un saludo a todos los de la radio felicitarlos, desde Costa Rica mi hermanó. Pura Vida !

  20. Muchas gracias, mi hermano de Costa Rica! Es gratificante oir de la gente en differentes partes del mundo. Somos una familia! Muchos bendiciones a toda la familia en Costa Rica y todo el mundo!

  21. Troglodyte Says:

    Salute D Ro & the entire Jah Works Radio. Peace & Love

  22. Salute D RO & the entire Jahworks radio
    Peace and Love.

  23. Awesome podcasts, thank you

  24. kananelo makote Says:

    Jahworks radio I love you…. Always tuning from Lesotho🇱🇸

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