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Jah Works Radio 12/16/12 Jah Kingdom Rise

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Lion on Mountain

As our last show for 2012, we are Ifficially ushering in the rising of all Jah children into the new era of love with this extra special edition.  With many unknowns for this new era, one thing we do know is that this is the time to push all of our insecurities aside and truly live up to our highest of heights.  Time is speeding up and the wind is at our backs to make all the positive changes in our lives that we have always dreamed of.  As Mahatma Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”.  Jah created I & I people for a reason – NOW is the time to follow our hearts and find out our real purposes in life.  At the same time, we must hold firm in our faith of the the Most High Creator and be prepared to see more change than we ever imagined and know that all is according to the will of the Universal Creator of the Universe.
I would like to extend my love and thanks to the entire Jah Works Radio family for all the support through the years.  It’s been an incredible journey so far and I look forward to many years to come and a growing family worldwide.  My wife and I will be in Peru through mid January visiting our familia there, but I will be back on air soon after we return.  For now, massive, hold this one very special.  Pure heartical and uplifting vibes run things for nearly 3 hours here, and we even have a surprise special guest.  From this time until that time, I wish everyone the best and infinite blessings from our beloved Creator.

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Jah Works Radio 6/30/12 with Ras E, Pato Banton, James Graham and King Lemuel

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After nearly 3 years, D-RO and Ras E reunite for this very special and extended edition of the show.  We are also joined by several of our favorite special guests, including Pato Banton, James Graham and King Lemuel.  We drove to the station watching the sun set and drove home watching the sun rise on this blessed night and morning.  Get ready for 5 hours of word, sound and power at its best.

Love Love Love…

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